Social Ranking

Every character will climb on the social ranking ladder in the Sociolotron adult game. Actually there are two parallel system one for the official High Society and one for the Underworld of London. Certain acts like being a prostitute, eliminating demons, being a politician and so on will gain you social points and thus make you stand out from the mass of citizens. Being one of the top members of Society can give your character a lot of advantages in this adult game for example in elections which in turn may give him a huge income from bribes if his position is right.

But the most obvious reward is to have your name published on the ranking website and to get a "Celebrity" or "Don" in front of your character's name to show others that you are somebody!


Morality and Reputation

Every character has an internal morality value which is tracked by the Sociolotron adult game based on his actions. As a rule of thumb you can keep in mind that things like running around in lewd cloth in public places, having sex in public places, going to prostitutes and things which are considered immoral in real life are considered the same in this adult game and will lower your moral value. A big thing here is having sex with different partners! This brings down your moral real quickly. Moral is also used in conjunction with the prostitution skill. In order for the benefits of the prostitution skill to kick in, it's good to have a low moral.

Morality is a big thing, because it ultimately determines what you can and can not do, for example you need to have low morality to become a succubus cultist. Also, some NPCs will attack you if you have the wrong morality value. There are a whole lot of implications in game and which way your morality goes basically determines which one of the two major paths in the Sociolotron SM sex game you walk.



Characters can be married in the Sociolotron sex game. They can pick a family name or keep separate names. Of course divorces are always possible. This is mainly a roleplaying aspect that has little effect on the game values, but it has become increasingly popular among role-players.


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