Game Mechanics for Sexual Contact

This is one of the most challenging aspects of the Sociolotron adult game. In short, we set out to simulate a complete body with all activities that could influence the sexual stimulation, including a simulation of certain brain functions which react to stimulation and would in turn influence the body. This way we have a real working system in our sex game that transmits stimulation from the body parts (mainly genitals) to the brain where the stimulation is combined with various settings of the brain and send out again as bodily reactions. For example the stimulation of a penis can raise the arousal level in the brain so much that the penis would eventually become erect and is ready for a penetration action. Further stimulation can trigger an orgasm, depending on the character's ability to hold back an orgasm (which can be changed) which in turns starts a sperm ejaculation which then could impregnate the partner. You get the idea. This is what makes a sex game in the conventional sense.

The whole sex game system is very sophisticated and contains much more than outlined here (see Urges below) and is very important to you during the game. There are also various postures your character can obtain and various forms of penetrations. We can not go into greater detail here, but the online help function in the game explains in detail what you can do and how to use the features. 

Urges and Desires Control Characters

A character's brain in the Sociolotron sex game also contains certain urges which are related to his sexuality, for example the urge to have sex in general, an urge which controls his masochistic desires and one for his sadistic desire as well as some other , internal urges like for example the drinking urge which might turn you into an alcoholic. During your character's lifetime in this adult game these urges change according to the actions your character does. This is somewhat like training a Pavlov Dog, your action leave an imprint on your character's brain. For example if your character experiences an orgasm while under high pain, his masochistic urge is increased, and so on. Your character also feels a desire to satisfy these urges. When the satisfaction level for an urge is high, it has little influence on the character. But when the satisfaction level is low, it can influence not only the character's abilities and skills in a negative way but also how other characters react to him in our adult game.


Therefore, it is important to satisfy these urges constantly. When you allow your character to become an exhibitionist for example by running around the Sociolotron adult game half naked, he will eventually learn this fact and show negative side effects if this urge was not satisfied, so you have to role-play your character accordingly. On the other hand, when an urge is not satisfied, there are also some positive side effects from it. For example a masochist is able to take more damage during a fight, a sadist has a chance to torture a victim successfully and receive some important information, like a proof in a crime case and so on. So whether you satisfy your urge or not may be a decision with important impacts on a particular adult game situation

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