There are actually two types of rumors in the Sociolotron adult game. The first one is used by the game masters only in order to let players know about possible events or other in game things of major importance. These rumors simply appear in the text window in the form "you hear from somebody that..." or similar. These rumors can be true or false, they are just a means of the game masters to give you information or miss-information. Players can send in rumors which are published in regular updates

The second kind of rumor is created by your actions and spread automatically by the server. When you go to a prostitute for example, there is a chance, based on certain skills, that there is a rumor generated about you going to prostitutes. There can also a rumor be created about the prostitute being just that. The rumor is then attached to some character who may observe this or who is involved in the action. When this character meets another character, there is a certain chance that the rumor is spread and the other character in the Sociolotron adult game learns about it.

A character can also see a list of rumors he knows about other characters. There is also a way to learn about rumors that other characters know about you. You may find little notebooks from time to time which contain information about rumors that other characters have heard about you. Rumors are deleted over time and thus forgotten. However you may also find proof about certain rumors about other characters and then blackmail those characters. A truly adult feature


Players can run their own newspapers. By buying a printing press a character can upload a certain number of articles which can be read by other players. Every hit on such a newspaper gives the character XP, so it pays to have an interesting newspaper with a good reputation. This system helps to keep track of what's going on in London. Newspapers can also be used to publish rumors and thus harming a character's public career by lowering his social status. If a character depends on his status for an upcoming election, he may chose to pay off the newspaper man instead of having the rumor published.


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