We provide two cults in our adult game that your characters can master. Both are based on your character's morality value and each character can master only one of the two cults because they are based on the opposing ends of the moral spectrum. The Succubus cult is based on low moral and debauchery (good for a sex game), the Inquisition cult is based on high moral and a righteous behavior. Whether this cult is the better one is up to your judgment. Perhaps the actions of the inner circles speak louder than words.

Basically both cults work the same, just with exchanged signs. Both cults enable those that archive high ranks in the respective skill to create magic potions from "raw material" as the cultists call it and which are relevant to the adult game mechanics. These raw materials are always related to some sort of sacrifice in one way or the other and always involve a human medium as the carrier of spiritual energy.

Characters who have a high level in the respective cult skill may drink those potions and thus draw magic energy from it for some time. This energy enables them to cast certain spells. Those spells are mostly in a way that they influence the behavior of other characters, preferably of characters on the opposing end of the moral spectrum. Spells vary from simple healing spells over fighting spells to spells which alter the behavior of other characters, influence your sex life, summon demons or even reanimate the dead!  A cultist can be a very powerful ally in a fight against a street gang or in a raid against a group of self proclaimed purists who want to rid the streets of all vice.



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