Justice, Criminals and Warrants

This is one major part of the Sociolotron SM adult game. In fact one of the biggest problems we had to solve during the design phase of our sex game was, how to deal with grief players and PKs. There is quite a difference between those two groups. PKs may just be players who have decided to play the bad guys. Street gangsters, the black widow, all those and much more can be very well played characters which fit neatly into an adult game or even any role playing game. There can be players who band together in order to hunt those individuals down, vigilantes, detective, PC guards are all example of people who could counteract those PKs in an orderly, game conform manner.

Griefers on the other hand are just kiddy morons who's only joy is, to ruin other player's fun. They typically eliminate newbies and have little brain. By not allowing minors to play the game we should already have eliminated 90% of those griefers which can make playing the other non sex games a real pain in the butt. The players on the other hand should be able to handle the rest of those people by using the means provided by this adult game, provided they work together and form a social band.

The basic idea behind our system is quite easy and is simply based on reality (as most things are) which makes it easy to comprehend and to master. There are certain things which are forbidden in a regular society including PK, bribing, obstruction of justice, theft, blackmail and in some areas prostitution. In the real world you don't do this because you are afraid of getting caught and being punished.

What we did in the Sociolotron adult game is to let the system watch you for those forbidden actions and if it observes you do one of these things, it generates a crime, if the criminal fails certain checks (for example DEX/Stealing for a theft) and a crime scene at the location of the crime. If the criminal is highly skilled there may be no crime, however certain crimes like assault or perma elimination always create a crime in Sociolotron.

That crime scene is the starting point for an investigation which may ultimately lead to a criminals arrest. From here, detectives, with observation skill, can collect clues, like suspect descriptions, DNA evidence, fingerprints and other clues. The next step is to match these clues with evidence which gives the names of possible suspects. Once the crime is investigated enough, the detective may decide that he has enough evidence to accuse his main suspect.

The file then goes through the justice chains and is handled by the prosecutor, the judge and the jurors, all of which are player run offices which are occupied by regular players who were elected by the other players. Finally, when the criminal is convicted, a warrant for his arrest is issued. Most so called sex games like Second Life or Red Light District don't offer any of those game features



Another big problem was, what to do with characters, once they serve a prison term. Just leaving them there to rot is no alternative, after all the player pays for his online time in the Sociolotron sex game. So we came up with an alternative solution. The prison is a very large area of the game, nearly a whole district all by itself. Players can role play in the prison, other players can come in and visit inmates. But that's not all.

As in a real prison, in our adult game we included some sort of work. Prison inmates are forced to destroy illegal magic potions which are very sought after by cultists. Of course, from time to time a bottle or two remain in the pockets of the inmate instead of going to the recycler. Although inmates are being searched when they leave the work area, there is a chance (based amongst other on the prostitution or stealing skill) that the guard overlooks those bottles. If that happens, the prisoner has a potentially valuable trading object in the outside world of our adult game. Prisoners could get organized and smuggle those bottle out of the jail. Of course giving those bottles away is a matter of trust and trust between criminals is a totally different thing. But that is up to the players to organize. A trustworthy racketeering gang can be worth gold here. Inmates can also use the wilderness in the prison center to harvest raw materials just like outside the prison and smuggle them out of prison with the help of their henchmen.


Visitors can smuggle objects into the prison or out of the prison. They are searched in both direction although the intensity of the search may vary under certain circumstances. It is up to the players to find a good route to deal with smuggled goods. It is also possible to smuggle weapons into the prison, although dangerous. If you are caught, your weapons are confiscated. Never walk into prison with your best weapons or shields! There is a wardrobe at the prison entry where you can deposit your weapons and get them back when you leave it.

You see that being in prison is not necessarily a punishment. You are isolated from the "good" people but you can still have fun and even make some money playing this adult game. For the people out there there is the advantage that they got rid of an evil player for some time.


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