When your character makes enough moneyin this sex game, he can buy a house or an apartment. There are several templates from a modest one room apartment to a big, luxurious mansion. You can decide where to place the house, in which neighborhood. Of course all neighborhoods may have different taxes for houses so you may want to select one that you can afford. Due to the room based system there is no danger that London could ever run out of space for houses. If there is need for more houses, we can simply add more rooms or  neighborhoods to the system.

Your house comes with lockable doors so that you can keep out unwanted visitors. You may also lock down items in the house so that other's can't pick them up, and the server's cleanup routine would not remove them (as happens with everything else on the ground after a while) during the routine cleanup. Beware, however, that characters with a high stealing skill may be able to break this lock and steal your goods! It's an adult game after all. So nothing in your house can be considered real safe, not even yourself! If somebody wants to break in because he wants to eliminate you, he might succeed!

As a house owner you will have to pay taxes which are in turn used to keep your district free of roaming scum. Taxes can vary by district and just like in real life there are those at the top of the social ladder who will have to pay less taxes than the ordinary man.



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