There are several levels of government in Sociolotron SM. The Prime Minister mostly has a ceremonial status, but he is the only one who can sell title deeds and his decision as to where the next great ball of the season is to be held makes him a very important person for the High Society in this adult game.

Each district in London needs a judge and a prosecutor who do the bulk of the government work. Their task is to work together to lock away criminals, determine the taxes, take care of public safety by hiring robot guards and even allow players to become policemen and go after criminals. This is another part you don't find on most RPG games or sex games like Second Life Whether those two are honest or crooks can make the difference between freedom and prison for some wealthy criminals. Jurors have the final say in each trial, but they too may decide to make some extra money by selling their votes.

Each government office is available to all players and there are public elections every month. Being a big shot in London's adult game Society certainly helps when it comes to voting.





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