Fight And Skills

Fight system with long range and melee weapons


In our adult game there are swords and shields and magical wands which serve as long range weapons. Those magical wands deliver various degrees of damage and must be "reloaded" with an energy clip after all the rounds are spend, just like a gun. Some weapons also have special algorithms attached to them so that they not only deliver simple damage points but also perform special acts. For example the Vampire Sword can only be used by cultists of the Inquisition and it draws life from victims with low morality and transfers it to the character wearing it, but it can also turn against it's owner sometimes! There are several of those special weapons and new ones can be added easily later.


Skill and Abilities System


A character has various basic ability values (Strength, Dexterity, Charisma, Constitution and Intelligence, generally the whole spectrum of non sex games skills) which are usually constant values. However they can be changed by various events during the game. For example an illness may lower STR temporarily while an amulet may increase INT while it is worn. These abilities determine the general success probabilities for many actions.

There are also a number of skills which determine the character's chance of success in special actions, for example the melee skill determines the success when overpowering somebody and holding him, the parry skill in defense with a shield and so on. These skills can be "purchased" by spending Experience Points which are earned from various actions. For example, a fighter retiring a monster earns some XP (perhaps shared with his party if more than one fighter kill one monster) but you can also earn XP in various civilian occupations like being a news reporter, a doctor, or through the adult game features like being a successful prostitute or drug dealer.

As mentioned above there is a party system for fighters who go out to kill monsters or NPCs together so that XP and loot is distributed automatically between them. This also prevents "stealing a kill" by waiting until the NPC is low on health and then delivering the last blow. Here, all characters are rewarded according to the damage they inflicted.

Manufacturing and Merchant System


By mastering a special manufacturing skill a character can create various goods (see Skills section) which reach from simple armors or weapons with the blacksmith skill over drugs and medicine with the biochemistry skill to magic goods with one of the two adult cult skills. As opposed to other roleplaying games, you simply learn a skill from a trainer by buying more levels, which of course can be very expensive at higher levels, so it's important to make money and XP any way possible! On the other hand, once you reached a higher level in a skill this enables you to use it in a more efficient way.

As a house owner you can change one of the rooms of your house into a shop and place a Vendotronic there. This machine can be programmed by you to sell the goods you place in it or to buy goods from other characters. A vendor can be programmed to either buy or sell or do both and you can set a maximum amount of items a vendor may buy to prevent it from being flooded with too many goods which are worthless to you.


Education and University


What happens with a child after it is born? In an adult game you can't very well have those little critters around.  Since this is a sci-fi setting the answer is simple. Every newborn child is placed into an incubator and is artificially aged to the age of 21 years, whish coincidentally is also the legal age of the Sociolotron adult game. This works real fast! So you don't have to worry about a waiting time. Plus there are absolutely no minors in the gaming world, which was a very important legal consideration for us, since we will NOT permit role play of minors in any way! Remember if we learn about that, you will be banned!

The potential heirs are then educated in a closed facility, called a university. The character remains there for about 10 years game time. At the age of 30 he is deleted if no player has claimed him as a successor by that time.

You can temporarily slip into the role of your potential heir and play this character just as you would any of your main characters. The difference is, you can not leave the campus of the university with this character. On the other hand, regular characters can enter the campus. You can for example train your fighting skills there if you expect to take over this heir soon or do any other things (except becoming pregnant) that you would do with your main characters. Heirs in the university are very restricted, they can not attack or being attacked and so on. It is really more like a waiting station for the heirs until they are taken over and enter the adult game part of Sociolotron.


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