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Counselors are volunteers who are ready to help new players with problems. You can ask anything here from initial contact problems to rules question or whether a certain feature is a bug or not. In order to contact a counselor you need Yahoo Messenger and a yahoo account. You can get both free from the link.

Below you find a list of counselors. Just select any of these counselors to see if he is online and if yes you can ask him for help.
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Socio Helper

Helpers are players who have volunteered to be available in IRC and the forum to answer questions and who also might meet you in game per request. They are not staff members and have no staff privileges

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You can also join our IRC chat channel instead where you will find not only counselors but other players as well who will help you get over initial problems. They are often willing to help with game advice and getting a new player started.  the easiest way to join is through a Java  Chat window which you can reach through the button below.

You may also download a stand alone IRC client. Please follow this link to a site that explains how to install and run our preconfigured MIRC clients.

ATTENTION: Currently it seems that the ISP we are on is blacklisted by a company named SORBS as spammer. SORBS is a company which uses a highly questionable approach of demanding money to unlist a server from their black (mail) list which our ISP is not willing to pay. If you don't receive an answer to an email you send us, it is most likely because of SORBS. Please contact your email ISP and demand that they no longer use the SORBS database. Also, you will have to write to us from another email address.

Yahoo also tends to classify more and more email as spam if they refuse to pay their new email fee. As a result Yahoo email accounts are practically cut off from us. If you have a yahoo email account, please create another free account with hotmail, Google or any other free email provider instead

You can email any of the above counselors @ . Example :

If you are concerned with anything else including personal problems with other players, staff members, if you think somebody is violating the TOS in any way, you can also send email to this address which is forwarded to me personally, I will treat it confidentially

IMPORTANT: Make sure your spam filters are turned off. Spam filters are blocking many valid emails these days and they are becoming increasingly annoying. If you don't get an answer in time, check your spam settings and resend your email. We will not fiddle with forms to fill out or resend emails, just because you have a spam filter in the way. If you want to communicate via email, turn of your spam filter.

If you need to re download the game client, you can find it here

If you want to reach us via mail, you can write to:

Sociolotronics LLC

P.O. Box 5441

Gardena, CA 90249


Our general email address is:

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