Body System

A character can have an individual body with a distinctive skin- and hair color as well as a certain degree of fatness (thin - fat). This is primarily important for the roleplay part, but certain aspects also influence the sex game mechanics. A woman with very big breasts for example is punished when a check for dexterity is made, a man with an ugly face is punished when a sympathy check is made for characters of a certain moral alignment but may have a bonus with people of the opposite moral alignment and so on. These roleplay elements have real influence on the Sociolotron adult game world, it's not just RPG

Textual description of bodies and actions

There is an additional window in which the bodies of the characters are described. The server assembles a sentence according to the  variable features of the body and returns a coherent description in natural language. This window is also used to mention actions like an attack and serves as the  output window for text received from other players in Sociolotron. This window's output is automatically saved to your hard drive so you always have a log file of the complete session which you can re-read later.



Clothing and equipment

Every sex game has different clothing options but Sociolotron offers more combinations than most adult games. There are several clothes that a character can wear. The style is totally arbitrary, since our setting in a post - apocalyptic world allows for elegant dresses as well as for punks or savages to exist within the city, so there are all kinds of different clothing. The degree of coverage you apply to your character and the selection of clothing also influences certain variable values of your characters like Moral And Reputation. Despite Sociolotron being an adult game or a sex game, you can not just run around naked. City Guards will quickly come after you for indecent exposure or lewd conduct in certain areas. On the other hand, if you want to become a skilled exhibitionist in order to distract your enemies during a fight, you will have to take the risk and train your skill.

Genetic Drugs

Drugs are not very common in most adult games. Just like medicine, drugs can be created the same way and those drugs can perform various tasks and have different effect on your genetic structure. It can be as easy as changing your hair color, over changing physical features like the size or shape of certain body parts, up to changes of your brain data, your sexual preferences or your physical body functions. These drugs can be used to change the standard body in the desired form. Perhaps a boob job or a bigger penis? But beware, there is a chance of permanent tissue damage, in which case this body part can never again be altered. So don't change your breasts with the shirt, you may end up with scarred mini tits that nobody wants to touch any more.


18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement



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