Basic Features

Set in a post apocalyptic, adult environment

The general setting of our adult game Sociolotron SM is described in the History section. The world is a mixture of post - apocalyptic urban society and ancient tribal magic which produces some spells that affect the human mind and can be used in a fight as well as for example in a role playing setting in order to make characters do certain things that they don't wish to do. The setting was carefully chosen so that basically everything goes, from magic to modern day dance club, a real adult game world for any form of roleplaying. Furthermore this setting is closer to the world we are used to than a pure medieval fantasy world.

There are lots of alleys and ruins were the scum of human society pursue their criminal goals and where you can hire a prostitute and some islands of culture where the remains of the old world are preserved and who's inhabitants fight against the constant onslaught of the street fighters.

We have gone to great length to recreate London as exact as possible in the game. Chances are, when you ever visit London, that you will recognize a great deal of the locations in this sex game. Of course we had to simplify many things, but we did our best to be as realistic as possible.

Room Based World System

The world is divided into separate rooms with doors which connect them. While this is different from the one-world approach of other games it has certain advantages for the special purpose of Sociolotron SM, especially privacy in certain areas.


Graphical output

The client software contains a window with a graphical view of the world and the characters within. The animation's include not only walk and fight animations but also render all other body postures which are related to the sex game. The characters also show all the cloths you put on them as well as the weapons they are carrying.

Chat System

Players can chat within the client. The text they type is displayed  in the text output window of other characters in the room. It can be marked as "X says" or as an emote in the form "X does this and that" simply by preceding the text with a "/" in the input line. Whatever you chat is private between the people in the room, but everybody has a log of this text, so if you violate the terms of service, remember there IS proof of  your actions!


Secure Trade Window

A trade window lets you exchange goods and money (called Credits) with other characters. There is no way to exchange money directly, the Bank Of England always has a watchful eye on what you are doing.



18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement


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