In an adult game or a sex game you need bars and strip clubs. Bars are specialized business locations owned by one person or a group of persons and provide an excellent stage for roleplay of any sort. Expensive locations like bars are mostly owned by more than one player. The game supports this concept by providing shares for a location, just like stocks. A character who owns a share of a property will automatically receive money from all sales done by vendors in this location. If the share is sold to the character for a certain amount of money, the system keeps track of the share value and, in case the owner is eliminated and the bar is closed or in case the owner decides to recall the shares, the owner of the share is compensated with the monetary value. A share should not so much be looked at as a deed of ownership but more like a business contract between it's adult owners. A character invests some money in a real estate and receives some profit from it.

In adult bars and strip clubs, the dancing skill is one of the most prominent skills, besides prostitution of course. A character with dancing skill has some additional adult animations and sex animations available that he can initiate and thus perform erotic dances. In order for dancing to become meaningful, the character must be employed by the owner of the bar. The character can then start to dance in the bar and earn Experience Points for his act. However a bar, where dancing is performed is also a good place for chitchat, so it is possible that a character who is present, finds a piece of evidence that can be used in a  crime case. Drinking in such an environment is also a social event. If you get drunk with other PCs present, a green light comes up next to your drinking level and you have certain advantages in a melee fight. The same is basically true for a life sex show act too. When a bar owner employs a character as sex  show performer instead of stripper, then the same is true if the character performs a sex act for an audience.  

The downside is, that a character watching  all these adult  acts may sometime decide that he really wants to have dirty sex which he cant get at home. Until he had sex with a hired prostitute, he will not be able to rise the satisfaction of any of his urges, which may become a real hassle, so if you read a message telling you that you have dirty thoughts, better hire a prostitute fast.

It is also possible for a bar owner to hire prostitutes to work for him in the bar, which gives them a little protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and also allows prostitutes to work in districts with reasonable security, where prostitution is forbidden.


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