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Our role playing game also provides a solution for dead characters. If you decide to use an heir in case your character is eliminated, everything works as described in the previous chapter. However, you may also chose a different solution in case you are killed. You don't have that in your usual sex game. You can chose to "Go To Hell" which is a general term for an afterlife in our adult game. What this means is that your character, and his money are transferred from London and moved to a different "plane" which is basically a part of the world that can not be reached by normal means. As you can see, contrary to popular believe, in our adult game you can take everything with you.

This plane is like a spiritual plane of existence. It is away from London, but obeys the same basic rules, more or less. Characters here are called "Zombies" but it has nothing to do with the popular view of zombies as walking dead and brain eating monsters. It is simply a different location where you can continue to play your favorite character, you just don't have a connection to London. This way, we have accomplished the positive effect of permanent death, the character is gone for good, but we have avoided the negative effect "Hey all my work was in vain, I had no heir" and thus both sides have reached what they wanted.

However, there is more to hell in Sociolotron than that.

The characters in hell who have reached the maximum amount of skill points in either Inquisition or Succubus cult can struggle to climb up on a ranking ladder to become demons, a truly adult feature. A demon is simply a dead character who has collected enough "hell score" to stand out from the mass of dead characters. There are about 20 demons for each cult (yes, there is a separate ladder for demons who follow the path of the Inquisition or the path of the Succubus) and being on the ladder is a constant struggle. Your character gains hell points by eliminating NPCs and various other actions, for example KOing other demons which are close to your rank. You can not fight a demon far above or below your rank for hell points, this way we prevent an endless blood orgy, which is not really a desired feature for an adult game but rather for a shooter. If you don't want to participate in the ranking ladder and live a more peaceful life (or whatever) in hell, then you don't have to.

What's the point in being a demon in a sex game? First you get a nice new name. Every demon in the ranking ladder receives a name that sticks with him as long as he is on the ladder, which means he is one of the top 20 demons of his cult, as well as a title that changes as he moves over the ladder. A demon may rise from Esquire over Sultan to Duke or even Prince which is the title for the highest aristocrats in hell. Furthermore, those in the very highest ranks compete for an "honorary" title such as Lucifer, Lillith or Asmodeus, which are really more titles than names. Most role playing games won't allow you a name change in your character's career.

The most important point in being a demon is another one. High ranking cultists in London have the power to summon demons back to earth for a certain time. While on Earth, a demon must obey his summoner and can, for example not attack him. He is also restricted in the way that he can not attack any other character, unless that character attacks him or his summoner first, or the summoner attacks him first. Demons in London are quite powerful and can be used by the summoner to get rid of tough NPCs for example. There is also a benefit for summoned demons. Hell is very low on resources. Iron, Gold, food, chemicals and all the other raw materials are not as plenty as in London as in the rest of our adult game and therefore hell does not have enough raw materials to sustain it's inhabitants. Demons who work for their summoner receive a part of the raw they harvest to take back to hell, provided, the summoner dispels them gracefully or they manage to break free.

However, a demon also has the chance to break free from his summoner and stay in London. He must now survive on his own by leeching life from the living, thus becoming either a vampire who lives on human blood or a succubus who draws life while having sex and corrupting the moral of a character and his neighborhood. Demons in their original form are quite a sight, but they spread diseases and all kind of other nasty things, that's why the living usually hunt down demons quickly. Luckily, demons have the power to obtain the shape of a living character thus walking earth in disguise.

While a demon is in hell however, he may receive soul sacrifices from his followers who have formed a sect, or street gang, on earth and who usually expect some reward for this from their demon lord.

All these features are quite unique for any role playing game and certainly you don't find them in any other sex game or adult game. Roleplaying is required from most players to be a successfull demon or zombie, you won't be able to survive in hell without good roleplay interaction with your fellow demons


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